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“Long time ago, on the 3rd of April 2020, the citizens of Ingolstadt heard a loud cry and saw a huge, burning bird soar into to dark sky.
With tears in their eyes, they knew the time was finally there… Flaming Fenix finally rose out of the ashes.
This evening the band started their historic rise to the top, which would go down in music history.
Even after a long time, everybody who did not witness the historic concert of this band, would regret it for life.”

Don’t miss your chance to be an eyewitness of this unforgettable event. Flaming Fenix are back with a bang! New songs, a new live show, even more energy and even more memories for life. We are awaiting your attendance and are looking forward to celebrating the beginning of something big all together.

Get your tickets here and don’t miss out!

– Flaming Fenix